What Readers Are Saying About THE RED KNIGHT by John Charles Corrigan

Congratulations John! I know very well how hard you worked on making this the definitive story of this iconic Canadian aerospace legend. A very enjoyable journey for aviation buffs or those who appreciate Canadian history. A very detailed account of this symbol of Canadian excellence including pilot interviews, the aircraft used, routines flown and the history of the air shows of the era. The development timeline is carefully and thoroughly described. The thrills and tragedies that are part of flying the extremes that push the limits of man and machine are brought to life with the words of the pilots, amazing photos and beautiful art work. This is a wonderful trip back in time in the cockpit of several iconic Canadian aircraft and some of the most exciting flying to grace the skies. LW

A very detailed accounting of the history of the RCAF's solo air demonstration team from the 1950s to the early 1970's. The author did extensive research and interviewed many of the pilots and ground crew associated with the team. Gives a understanding of the team, its members and the challenges that the pilots and ground crew faced in staging performances in venues large and small across Canada and the USA. The Red Knight was recently inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. Well worth reading for those with an interest in aviation history. JDC

A very comprehensive account of the lifespan of the Red Knight program, the planes, the pilots who flew them and their trials, tribulations and triumphs. John’s book is a great tribute to the Canadian military who through the program, were able to enthrall crowds both large and small with their aerobatic wizardry. It is a wonderful rendition! JD

I loved working on this book with you John. It is so well-written and a truly engaging read for a non-aviation specialist. There’s a lot of social history in there that goes well beyond the rivets. Congratulations! MM

Awesome book John Charles Corrigan! This is truly a magnificent piece of Canadian aviation history that had to be told. Your passion for the Red Knight is truly infectious. This should be in every aviation enthusiast’s collection. DLR

I look forward to buying this book and having it in my collection. I have had the privilege to know John for almost 25 years. His passion for this project has been second to none to anyone I’ve ever known. Congratulations John! MS

I have yet to finish but I have enjoyed all the details and find I keep going back to refresh my memory. Speaking of memories, I have some of the Red Knight during an air-to-air photo shoot over Saskatoon. (Photo on page 45.) RP

Fantastic book! Everything you wanted to know about a very busy period in aviation. Extremely detailed and awesome photographs. Highly recommended for RCAF buffs. BW